Immigration Sponsorship Appraisals

Opt for Immigration Appraiser when Sponsoring a Relative to Live Permanently in the United States

The term immigration refers to the action of staying or entering a country in which you’re not one of their native citizens. The United States is often referred to as a melting pot and the land of opportunity because of our diverse traditions and cultural tapestry created by immigrants from all over the world.

For some, becoming a part of the fabric of American life is not easy. There are financial considerations, government approvals to secure and concerns about the future upon arrival. In the case of some who choose to come to the US, the already have relatives living here that can actually help them.

If you happen to be a US citizen and planning to bring your relatives to live there permanently, you need to undergo and accept full legal accountability for financial family member supporting. The need for accepting this responsibility makes you become their sponsor, being one, you still need to sign and complete the documents called Affidavit of Support or also known as Form I866.

It is required that you be a United States citizen, or lawfully admitted alien to US via permanent residency in order to serve as a sponsor. As an alternative, you can serve as a joint sponsor with a US national. You must domicile (reside) with the US, as required by law. This means that your primary residence must be located in the United States. If you’re not domiciled, unfortunately your application for sponsorship will not be approved.

After you determine that you meet all the necessary requirements to sponsor, you must complete an “Affidavit of Support.” Before this document can be completed and submitted to US Department of Homeland Security, you will need to gather valid evidence of our ability to sponsor by reporting your assets.

As a sponsor, you are required to declare or provide a proof of assets value that commonly depends on the income. The eligible assets consist of your balance checking and savings accounts; CDs and the net value of stocks and real estate holdings. For your real estate, the Department of Homeland Security only accepts an official appraisal report created by a state certified real estate appraiser as valid proof of value.

You will be required to present proof of value, location and ownership, including liabilities and liens associated with your property. In the course of being approved as a sponsor, your income will also be considered. The sponsor needs to know the limit of assets cash value. Your total net asset value including income, liabilities and liens must be equal up to 5 times the difference between the income of the sponsor and the poverty level. The minimum requirement is 125% above the poverty level based on household size including the immigrating person.

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